Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's going on?

Remember how Ellie woke up with a yucky eye on Monday? eye, or some sort of infection.  It managed to travel over to her left eye as well so she stayed home from MDO Tuesday.  I am trying to remember how many full weeks of "school" she has gone to since we started twice a week!

We are armed with the tiniest, most expensive bottle of eye drops you have ever seen and let me tell you what a challenge it is to try and get those drops into a very busy 13 month olds eyes.  Fun times!

Other than that, we've had a great week!  Don got to babysit at work yesterday while I worked since Ellie didn't go to school.  Ellie sat in on football meetings and flirted with all of the "Pitt Crew".  I really appreciate his help SO much.  Major props to all you single moms out there.  Most days I am standing at the door waiting for him to walk in and take over baby duty for a little while.  Ellie's smile is so sweet when she sees him walk in!

I know I've mentioned this before, but  Ellie loves her some baby dolls.  It is just too funny watching her fling them all over the house.  I always hoped she'd be the type to play babies, and I guess I got my wish.  She now says bay-bee all the time.  It's so cute!  She can also point to her nose, mouth, ear, eye, toes and her "bow" or head.  She has learned all of those body parts in the last week or two.  I feel like all of our nighttime book reading has really helped with that.  When I say, "Ellie, where's your (hair) bow?"  She points straight to her head or pulls out the bow if there is one in (which drives me crazy) and says "bow!"  I feel like I spend half my day looking for or putting in her hair bows.  Ya'll know she rarely leaves the house without a bow on her head!

We've started bedtime tooth brushing and it is going pretty well.  Miss independent would much rather brush them herself than have my help!

And yes, we brush in the high chair.  #1, because it's the only time she will be still enough for a picture, and #2 the thought of her walking around with any type of stick in her mouth scares me to death!  There will be no lollipops, corn dogs, or straws in my house unless she is sitting in her chair.  Car included!  

We have a few things going on this weekend  but thankfully they are IN town.  Guess I should unpack from the last 3 weekends we have been gone...huh?!?!?!?!?

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