Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ellie's new tricks

Little Miss E has really taken a major liking to her baby dolls in the past few weeks.  She holds them, pats them, bangs their head against the brick and gives them lots 13 month old love!

Sunday, she finally got the hang of giving a kiss!  Every time we say "Ellie, give her some sugar" she does this...

Her other new thing is to give us "sugar" as well.  It is my favorite!  For some reason when she gives us kisses, we get the wet slobbery open mouthed kisses, but hey, i'll take what I can get!

Every time I pull the camera out now, this is the weird cheesy smile I get.  It's like she is anticipating the bright flash before it goes off!

Giving baby her paci.  I think she has finally realized that paci is not for her!

Taking baby for a stroll...

Love the baby!

Her other new trick I am not as proud of...


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