Tuesday, March 29, 2011

14 months!

Ellie, you are 14 months old and as busy as ever!
Just last month, I was worried about your talking.  That is just funny to me now because your vocabulary has really taken off!  You say:  Mama,  Daddy (Da, and Da Da), De De (she loves it!), diaper, bottle, cracker, uh oh, bye bye, Hi, more, ball and bite.

You are completely off of your bottle...PTL!  You still barely drink any milk.  I am lucky to get 2 or 3 ounces down you before bed.  Everyone keeps telling me not to worry too much since ou eat plenty of cheese and yogurt.

Making an important phone call

You still give lots of kisses and you still LOVE your babies!  It is so sweet.  You are also fascinated with Minnie's doggie door.  We searched high and low for our remote control only to find it outside the next day after a big rain storm!  Too bad it wasn't the TV remote, but the one that goes to our cable box.  I guess I need to make a call to JEA to order another one soon!   We have also found multiple paci's and sippie cups out there.  You just love to be outside.
You are still pretty attached to your paci.  We are working on only having it during naps and bedtime, but it's not going so well. HA!  You are in a size 4 diaper, mostly 12 month clothes but some 18 month, and a size 4 shoe.

You are Miss Independent.  You always want to feed yourself, and you do a pretty good job!  I think your picky eating days may be over.  You LOVE cherry tomatoes, lima beans, black eyed peas and you even ate bow tie pasta with spinach at De De's.  I was very impressed!  Scrambled eggs with cheese and yogurt is your favorite breakfast meal.  You eat every bite!
I am afraid that the dreaded separation anxiety has kicked in.  It breaks my heart every time, but it only takes a few minutes until you have calmed down and completely forgotten you were left somewhere (which is rare, trust me!).

I say it every month, but I can't believe you are 14 months old and I can't believe you are MINE!!!

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