Monday, December 12, 2011

Jenny turns 30!

My BFF, (AKA "Aunt Jenny") is 30 today!

Jenny is a dear, dear friend to me.  She was my Big Sis in college, she is my neighbor, Ellie's aunt, and just an overall wonderful person.  She goes out of her way to be generous and thoughtful to all of her friends.  She threw our over the top Engagement party, a baby shower for Ellie and still contributes to a large portion of her wardrobe.  She always offers the best advice, is super dependable and is just lots of fun to be around.

I have said for 3 years now that when Jenny turned 30 I was going to throw her the ultimate birthday party.  Leave it up to her to plan her own weekend getaway and treat US to a trip!  If you know her, you get it.  That's just the way she is.  We did manage to throw in a few surprises of our own, but nothing could have compared to what she planned for us!

We left Friday afternoon for a weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas packed full of pampering and relaxation.  I had been in Knoxville for work since Wednesday, which meant I had to leave Ellie for FIVE days.  I was a wreck.  Packing, planning, and leaving for that long was not easy and I felt like an unorganized mess.  Thankfully, we have some wonderful family that can just go with the flow and help whenever we need it!  THANK YOU ALL!

Let's just say--6 girls, TOO MUCH luggage, and one car = jam packed!  (this isn't all of it!)

Friday night after we checked into our super cute B&B 1890 Williams House, we were welcomed with gift baskets full of Hot Springs spa themed goodies!

Attached to our baskets was the itinerary for the weekend.

After we got settled, we headed off to Garvan Gardens to look at Christmas lights.  Every local recommended this, and we all really enjoyed it.   Added bonus...the complimentary hot chocolate!

We grabbed a late dinner and crashed around 11.  We needed to rest up for our day of relaxation!

I will try to recap our Saturday activities soon!

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