Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Memphis...Part 1

We rolled into Memphis around 5:30 Friday afternoon.  The traffic was insane!  You can tell we don't live in a big city...we are amazed at the traffic every time we come to town.  DeDe was really excited to have us spend the night and kept calling it a "house party".  Uncle  Matt and Aunt Rachel spent the night too, so it was lots of fun to have us all together.

We stuffed ourselves on beef tenderloin and baked potatoes, then let Ellie get busy on opening all of her gifts!

A personalized shopping cart from Matt and Rach!

Baby doll high chair, a new baby, and DISHES for tea parties!  This girl was in heaven!

 Santa didn't forget the "big kids" or the grandparents this year either.  In fact, I think he went a little overboard!  We all received lots of fun gifts.  I can't wait to break out my new 50mm lens for my camera!

DeDe FINALLY got a new phone...an iPhone 4S!  She's been using her old Nokia flip phone for forever!  It was time.  She got a super cute (monogrammed, of course!) phone case from us!

  Here's to clean showers, boys!

It was a great night spent with our family!  Part 2...Christmas Eve is next!


  1. hahaha, love the Scrubbing Bubbles that's too funny!!

  2. looks like a wonderful time! That is so funny about the scrubbing bubbles.

  3. We got Nyla the same shopping cart. We put her baby doll in the front seat with her cell phone and she's just like a real grocery shopper. So fun!