Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Memphis...Part 2

Saturday morning, Christmas Eve we all slept in a little bit.  Ellie had gone to bed at 11 the night before so she slept until 9:30!  We all quickly got dressed and ready and headed to Granny's for celebration #2!

 Ellie got this adorable table and chairs set.  I just love it!  It is perfect for meal time, coloring, and feeding her babies.

There was SO much food.  Like 200 Chick-fil-a nuggets, Lennys, and 10 casseroles!  Granny said it just "grew".  It was delicious but way more than 8 people could ever eat!

Ellie also had a few more fun toys to open.  She has loved everything she received this year and I am just so thankful for the many people that love and spoil our girl!

After a fun time at Granny's, we headed home to put Ellie down and get ready for Christmas Eve service and the Young family Christmas.

We were either brave or crazy, but we decided to take Ellie into church with us.  She lasted a good 30 minutes before the talking and squirming began.  Don took her out twice and joined the rest of the Dad's roaming the halls.  She will definitely be in the nursery next year!

We took lots of family pictures this year and I am so glad we did.  We got some with all of my siblings and my dad, which I love!  I cannot remember the last time we all 4 were in a picture with him.  Poor Peeps, he looks squished!

Dad with his boys...

My sis Kelly, niece Reagan, Ellie and me.

 ALL of the girls

Dad with all 4 of us!

Ellie had a BLAST with her cousins.  She still can't stop talking about them.  It was a "monkey see monkey do" with everything Maddie did.

Matching PJ's...so fun, and not even planned.  Great minds:)  Maybe we could do this every year.  What do you think Missy?!?!

  Opening MORE gifts!

Loud and crazy, but lots of fun!

After a fun filled day, we headed home to get ready for Santa!  It was our first year to be at home on Christmas morning, and it was a great decision.  More to come soon...

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