Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We are starting a few new traditions during the holidays this year.  Once again, we can thank Pinterest for this cute idea.
 Source: via Emily on Pinterest
Since Ellie's favorite things in the whole world are books, I knew this would be the perfect tradition to start out with.  The idea is to collect 25 books for each day in December leading up to Christmas and to read one a day.  The original pin says to wrap and date each individual book, but I don't have all 25 just yet (we are now up to 19!)  so we are just going to grab one out of a bag or box each night to read.  The thought of wrapping all of those books tonight made me tired:)

And yes, we have an Elf on the Shelf!  He does have a name, you will meet him and hear all about our adventures (hopefully) tomorrow!


  1. what a great idea! Thanks for sharing I might have to do this.

  2. We are doing the 25 book tradition too. I just wrapped all of mine today

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