Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ellie's first love

If you have ever read this blog or know Ellie at know that Barney is the LOVE OF HER LIFE.  She doesn't watch any other show besides Barney and the occasional Elmo.  We've tried Bubble Guppies a few times but NOTHING comes close to that big purple dinosaur!

If I could have picked any show on earth for her to love--Barney would have never been my first choice.  Poor Barney gets a bad rap for being cheesy and slightly annoying, but he has really grown on me in the past few months.   I am also fairly certain that Barney is to thank for the shapes, colors, numbers and ABC's that Ellie has learned so far. That means Barney gets a big A+ in my book!

So it was pretty much a given the minute we found out that Barney Live was coming to our town...we knew we had to be there!  Crazy enough, Uncle Matt had the inside scoop and told us as soon as tickets went on sale.  We were able to snatch up 7th row seats and began to count down the days to the big show!

I hate the show fell on a MDO day.  Ellie naps well there, but she's still more tired than usual.  I tried my best to get her to rest until it was time to leave, but you know what a challenge that can be with a busy toddler!

Overall, she really enjoyed it as tired as she was.  Seeing the smile on her face and watching her clap and dance was all I needed to justify the over priced tickets and silly $8 light up toy I was suckered into buying.  You live and you learn!

Another huge bonus was that we got to see sweet Josie and her mom Lauren!  Lauren and I were college sorority sisters and have really chatted a lot since we had girls around the same age.  Josie is such a cutie!  Lauren and I could really do some damage if we were ever allowed to shop for the girls together!  We have talked about getting together soon...we really need to do it!

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