Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let it Snow!

We had a day full of wild weather this snowed over 3 inches!  The biggest kid in our house (AKA my husband) danced all night hoping to get out of school--but it didn't work.  He did however get out and build Ellie her first snowman of the year.  We didn't stay out long...I was not prepared for snow!  Poor girl didn't even have a pair of gloves that fit, or any warm shoes.  (She is so deprived, I know).

But you can guarantee she had a "snow day" outfit just waiting for her in the closet.  Priorities:)  I was glad she was able to wear it so early in the season.  I am pretty sure it is my new all time favorite!

It is slowly melting and was fun to look at but it can stay away for a while.  I've got too much to do to be home bound because of silly weather!


  1. We were supposed to get snow in MS but it never came. I cant wait for cold weather in some ways and the snow:)

  2. Love all of the latest pictures! She is such a doll. We are having supper club at Dede's next week. Can she come????