Saturday, November 5, 2011


In my opinion, there is nothing in the world sweeter than a clean, freshly bathed baby (or toddler).  Ellie is almost 2 and I still use baby wash and baby lotion on her every night.  I just love that smell!
Can somebody PLEASE tell me when she was ever that little?  Makes me cry!

Before bath time tonight, I quickly changed into a t-shirt and pajama pants (or "soft clothes" as Peeps and DeDe call them) and the minute Ellie saw I had changed, she pointed to my pants and said "jammies".  I thought it was too cute to hear her say it after countless nights of me wrestling with her trying to get her "jammies" on.  It amazes me how quickly they pick up on things.

Ellie didn't nap today and I found myself getting kind of frustrated.  But tonight at bedtime when she was smelling sweet and having a tea party in the floor, that all went away.

Last night we had a family movie night and watched Rio.  She is LOVING how much Daddy is home and only wants him when he is around:)

She's been waking up extra early the past few weeks so to give myself a little time to wake up, she and Elmo have a little fun on the iPad.

There really isn't a story behind this picture...just looking extra cute in those "jammies"!

Ellie has a new bedtime routine.  She has to have a book, Barney and a blankie. We've even pulled out the crib soother again so I turn that on for her.  Tonight after we did our little ritual, she asked for a kiss and said "I wuv u Mommy".  And my heart melted.

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