Monday, November 28, 2011

22 Months

Ellie, you are 22 months old!  This time last year I had your first birthday party planned and was so on top of things.  This year, not so much!  I just can't get it together!  I cannot believe you will be TWO in TWO months.

Unofficial weight: 30 lbs. 5 oz.
Clothing size: 24 month, 2T and some 3T t-shirts
Shoe size: 6!  2T socks
Diaper size: 4 (finishing up the last box!  It is time for 5's!)
Favorite toy: Puzzles, babies, Barney, books, Elmo, coloring books and crayons
Favorite foods: Chicken nuggets, grapes, blueberries, yogurt, apple sauce, string cheese, gold fish, mandarin oranges,  mac-n-cheese, cereal, grape tomatoes, SALAD? with ranch dressing and spaghetti.

Your vocabulary has really taken off, you talk ALL DAY LONG.  You say:  be careful, come on, toys, I'm sorry, kiss it, i'm hungry, i'm scared, let's color, let's read, let's rock, I watch it, I love you, I dropped it, there it is, and my favorite..."PEEPS, WHERE ARE YOU?" So funny!

I thought Christmas was fun with you last year, but wow I can already tell how special it will be this year!  You love your trees and say "Christmas" and want to watch the Elf on the Shelf movie ALL DAY LONG.

You are a wild, silly, cute little mess.  You are doing great at MDO, so much so that they are moving you up a class in January!  You can count to 10 and sing your "AB's" (abc's) all the time.  We like to think you are pretty smart, but I know that you are right on track for your age and I am so proud.  I just hope you stay that way!

We love you sweet girl!

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  1. Happy 22 months! What wonderful news about her being moved up.