Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

Our long weekend was great!  It started off with Don attending his last May term class of the month.  It has been a long, hard month for us but it sure did pay off!  He got an A in each class and we are SO proud!  He really worked hard and he deserves all the credit.  He spent countless hours in the computer labs and at home working on projects, assignments, presentations and e-portfolios galore.  We are glad to have that month behind us!

Ellie and I spent most of the day Saturday outside.  I am ghostly pale and she loves to be outside, so we were both happy to be playing in the sun!  And please don't worry...she was soaked with SPF 50 Water Babies and wore a hat.  I promise this baby will not get burned!

We made a Wal-Mart run later that afternoon and I picked up this little Ladybug sprinkler.  We had our own little water park going!  She loved splashing in the water.

Sunday we made it to church after 2 weeks of sickness!  It was nice to be back and Don made it before he went in to work.  Mammie and Aunt B joined us and even picked up lunch!  It was a special treat and we enjoyed our time with them:)  This dress was originally intended for the 4th...but now I am glad she was able to wear it on Sunday, too!

After a loooooong nap Sunday, we headed out for pool day #2!

Monday, Don was OFF ALL DAY!  I had been looking forward to it all weekend.  We stayed home all day, played outside, worked in the yard and grilled for dinner.  It was a great, relaxing day.  I didn't even take a single picture!

Today, it's back to the grind and June term starts.  As long as May seemed at times...I can't believe it's over!

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  1. Ellie is soooo cute. Love her Memorial Day dress.