Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just add it to the list...

Having a very active and busy toddler that is fearless and in to everything can only mean one thing.  Bumps, bruises, and....chipped teeth:(

And yes, her poor nose was full of "friends" but I can assure you she was in NO mood for me to be taking her picture...much less picking her nose!  And this picture really doesn't show much.  It was the best I could do!

Back to the story.  I go about my regular routine on Tuesday and head to pick her up from MDO.  I walk in and her favorite teacher Miss Stephanie is rocking her in the chair.  VERY unusual, I thought, but then I just figured she was tired.  Then Miss Stephanie proceeds to tell me that she had had an accident, there was blood and they didn't think her teeth were loose.  UMMMM....PANIC!  Blood?  Teeth?  One of my fears is teeth being knocked out, broken, lost, etc.  Refer to this post for other tooth related issues in our house.  It really is always something with us!

So anyway, Ellie was FINE!  She was happy, smiley, chatty and normal.  But, the piece of gum in between the gap in her teeth is gone, and she does have a small chip in one tooth.  The jury is still out on how all of this happened.  We are thinking she may have tripped and fallen on her mouth, and odds are very likely that she may have had something IN her mouth that caused the chip.  Who knows.  I am actually glad I wasn't there to witness it all.  What I still can't understand is how the piece of gum is just gone!  We knew she would eventually have to have it clipped when she was older (my teeth and gap were identical at her age) but I guess not now!

Yes, I freaked.  But I am okay now.  We did visit the dentist today about 2 years earlier than normal, and let me just tell you...that was an experience I don't want to re-live for a long, long time.  Poor Dr. Pearson only glanced at her with that mask on and she went ballistic and I left sweating.  Oh, the drama!  

So we are just adding this to the list of things we have going on right now.  One day things will be quiet and uneventful in this day!

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  1. I am so laughing right now. Although, I am sure you are not. I should just tell you ahead of time all that is going to happen. Ginny was about 2 when she had a tooth accident. we went to the dentist to have it checked out and she threw up EVERYWHERE!!! after crying so hard. Thus the trip to Wal Mart to get the care bear she carries everywhere now.