Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Round 2...The Rehearsal Dinner!

I'm back for round 2 of...
Today is all about the rehearsal dinner!

By the time the "Friday before the wedding" arrives, there is only so much a bride can do.  It is now time to sit back, relax (as much as possible) and enjoy the upcoming festivities!

The Friday before our wedding started off with a Bridesmaids luncheon at Paulettes hosted by wonderful lifelong friends.  The food was great, the company was even better, and it was a special time spent with so many wonderful ladies!

This was when I gave all of my girls their gifts.  We included flip flops (for dancing!) wedding jewelry (earrings and necklaces) and monogrammed jewelry boxes. We also took them to the Nail bar on the Island for manicures after the luncheon.  It was a fun, girly afternoon!
 By the time we all finished our nails, it was time to change clothes and head to the rehearsal!  With a pretty large bridal party, our rehearsal was not short.  We managed to get the details nailed down, cry a few tears, and head to the rehearsal dinner.

We had our photographer come and take some pictures of our rehearsal dinner.  It was nice to not worry about that detail!  We chose Coletta's Italian restaurant.  Mainly for it's location, but also for their yummy Italian food!

We showed a slideshow with pictures of Don and I growing up, and then pictures of us together.  Our maids of honor and best man said some tear jerking speeches, and we soaked in all of the fun and laughter the night before our wedding.  Definitely a great night!

Next up..."Before the Ceremony"


  1. looks like an absolutely perfect pre-wedding day :) love the idea of the jewelry box as part of your bridesmaids gifts! thanks for linking up :) XO

  2. Having fun can help lessen the worries, stress, and excitement of a bride! I guess the activities you did, and the company of everyone around you, helped you get through it. How was the food? That probably helped you too!

  3. Your bridesmaid’s luncheon looks fun! And based on the photos, everybody had a great time! Well, it always feels great to know that you have everything ironed out for the wedding. It just makes that special day so much more special, given that all you have to do on that day is enjoy the celebrations and the presence of everybody. I hope you had a great one! BTW, I love your idea of showing the pictures of you and Don growing up!