Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun weekend

We were excited to finally have a weekend at home after the craziness of the holidays.  Even though we were in town, we weren't really home much!  We had lots of fun things going on.

Ellie was up EARLY Friday.  When I say early, I mean 5 am which is very unusual for her. This turned Friday  into "stay in your PJ's all day, day."  It was so nice and warm outside that Don took her out for a while after he got home from work.  You could tell by the smile on her face how happy she was to be out of the house!

Before anybody says anything, yes my child has a bow in her hair while wearing pajamas.  Her bangs have gotten so long that they are constantly getting in her eyes.  The big bows finally have a purpose!

Friday afternoon, Will came to play!  He didn't stay long, but they had a great time and played so well together.  Having two kids was actually easier because they could entertain themselves!

Saturday, we ate breakfast and did a little shopping.  Ellie ate scrambled eggs for the first time in months!  We really were so excited.  She has refused eggs for a long time so we were thrilled to get a new, different food in her!

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Fun Zone for our friend Josie's 3rd birthday!  Ellie wasn't too fond of the bouncy inflatables and pretty much clung to me the whole time.  She did however, love the cake and goldfish!

Saturday night, we joined Rusty and Alyse for dinner and let Ellie play at Fliparoo! After dinner, we went to Yolo for yogurt.  Ellie has a new name for Rusty...FROSTY!  It was the funniest thing.  She really took to him and he made her laugh and laugh. I had to share this quick video.  Please ignore my obnoxious voice:)

Sunday we went to church, kept 14 WILD two year olds in the nursery, folded 800 loads of clothes and had dinner for BB's birthday!  Fun, busy weekend!

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