Monday, January 2, 2012

23 months

I am a week late, but Ellie you are 23 months old!

Are we really about to have a TWO year old?  That can't be.  Party planning is well underway and I am getting pretty excited about it!  The theme this year is...EASY!  (And you might spot a big purple dinosaur or two thrown in for good measure).

Unofficial weight: 31 pounds
Clothing size: 24 month, 2T and some 3T t-shirts
Shoe size: 6!  2T socks
Diaper size: 5
Favorite toy: TEA PARTIES, dishes, play food, animals, puzzles, babies, Barney, books, Elmo, coloring books and crayons
Favorite foods: Chicken nuggets, grapes, blueberries, yogurt, apple sauce, gold fish, mandarin oranges,  mac-n-cheese, cereal, grape tomatoes, SALAD? with ranch dressing and spaghetti.

You are still a great sleeper and have been eating really well the last couple of weeks.  You got TONS of new toys for Christmas and could play from sun up to sun down.  You play so well.  You also got a few of the "Disney Classics" movies and you are really into Alice in Wonderland and Tangled.  You are like a little parrot and repeat everything we say.  You still talk constantly.  You start back to school this week and begin your new class!  I am a little nervous to see how you will do.  I'm sure it will be a great move!

You are SO funny and you crack us up constantly.  You have LOVED having Daddy home over Christmas!  It's going to be tough getting back into our regular routine after having him home.

We love you soooo much, sweet girl!  You are the light of our lives!

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