Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ellie's first movie

Ellie has been really into "princess" and the movie Tangled since Christmas.  I wasn't intentionally trying to push the princess stage, but I secretly wanted to see Tangled myself so the movie just so happened to end up at our house on Christmas morning!  It really is a cute movie and I notice some fun new things about it every time I watch.

When I heard Beauty and the Beast (one of my all time favs) was coming back out in theaters with a Tangled Ever After preview, I knew we had to go!  I was a little nervous about taking our LOUD and busy girl, but overall she did very well and really enjoyed the movie!

And before anyone asks and thinks I have completely lost my mind, NO I did not run out and buy a smocked Rapunzel dress just for "Ellie's first movie".  I am not that crazy!  It was a Facebook steal that has been sitting in her closet for months.  It's still big but she just HAD to wear it, it was just too perfect!

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