Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Busy weekend

We got home late last night after another busy, busy weekend!

Friday night, Don's team played in Memphis.  Since we were coming to town for my reunion anyway, Ellie and I came after work Friday so we could go to the game!  Here she is in her game day outfit before we left.  Doesn't she look so big in those jeans?
She was really cheesin' it up for the camera, too.  I don't know what it is with her eyes these days, but she can't say "cheese" without squinting!  Silly girl.

I let Ellie sleep in until almost 9 Saturday morning, then we headed off to tailgate at the Tiger game with Peeps, DeDe and friends!  Let me just say, they know how to tailgate!  They've got it all.  I joked and told them all they lack is a chandelier for the tent.

It was soooo windy.  That's why my hair looks so beautiful!

After the game, it was time to get ready for my TEN YEAR class reunion.  Am I really that old?  Just for fun, I found a couple of old pictures that I thought I would share.

Freshmen cheerleaders in Orlando for nationals

 Snowflake committee our Senior year

My BFF Autumn and me at Ole Miss cheer camp.
 Some really good guy friends at my parents house before Snowflake our Junior year.  SO sad none of them were at the reunion!

 Skycoaster rides in Orlando!

And here we are...ten years later!

We met a group for dinner at Bahama Breeze and showed up fashionably late to the reunion.  It was a lot of fun, and I am so glad I went.  I was pretty tired all day yesterday.  This old momma can't stay up that late anymore!  Fun, fun weekend!


  1. you forgot about the trip to the GLAMOROUS after party :)

  2. Ha! That was a high class establishment!