Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Who is ready for the long weekend?  I think I can name a few that are thinking "TGIF"!

First off, tonight is another edition of Friday night football!  We play in a nearby town so Ellie and I will attempt the first half of the game again tonight.  Some sweet friends have invited us over for dinner before the game and I can't wait for Ellie and Elam to play and cheer on our team!

We have been invited to a few Labor Day parties/cookouts this weekend and may even make a quick trip to the zoo while we are in Memphis on Monday morning. I also encouraged Don to go have some fun with the guys or "play" on his own tomorrow...I am wondering what he will come up with? Golf, fishing, or his favorite past time...sleep!  I wouldn't be surprised if that is the one he picked!

I thought this was too cute the other morning.  I put Ellie in bed with him while I got ready for church.  She laid her head on my pillow and covered herself up and watched cartoons.  Of course, Barney was right there the whole time:)

Once again...I am loving this new "gig".  Don has ALWAYS labored on Labor Day.  Always.  Not this year! Whoohoo!

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