Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Super random

Hello there!  Just thought I would pop in for a quick update.  Work has been crazy lately so there has been no computer time for me (which is probably a good thing).

  • Last weekend Don's team was off...and what do you know?  He was in a wedding!  So after the rehearsal Friday night we just had to stop by and scout out a local team that we will be playing in a few weeks.  Ellie ran around like a wild girl and had a ball.  Yes, I realize her bow is ridiculously huge but I am slowly upgrading to a medium sized bows and some are just bigger than others.  I really just need to learn to sew ruffled pants (since it seems she will be wearing a lot of them this fall) and make bows and she'd have the perfect size and color for every outfit.  Maybe one day.
  • Speaking of fall, is it here yet?  I am so ready for a closet/wardrobe change around here.  This in-between weather makes me crazy.  I have been scrambling for work clothes for me and school clothes for E...and her foot grew 2 sizes over the summer!  She jumped from a 4 to a 6 in two months.  Talk about throwing me for a loop!
  • My 10 year class reunion is next weekend.  I wasn't too excited up until recently.  Let's be honest...with social media we already know EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY!  There are no surprises anymore but it will still be nice to see people face to face.  Some I haven't seen since graduation day!  Should be interesting:)
Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My camera battery is dead right now and it would take all afternoon to charge so this will just have to do.  Happy Wednesday!

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