Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another iPhone picture post

I am lacking in blog content and time these days!  I was scanning through my phone pictures earlier and thought "well, I could write about this, and when we did that, and how Ellie did this..." so here it goes!

This weekend we went to the fair on Saturday night and attended Travis Cottrell's Album Release concert at church on Sunday.  The fair, well I wasn't impressed.  Let's just say we could have gone out to a nice dinner for the price we paid on admission and a corn dog.  Ellie didn't even ride any rides.  I was kind of bummed, but at least we can say we went.  The concert however, was awesome!  It was long and made for 3 hours of playtime in the nursery for E, but Don and I got a mini (free) date night!  We both loved it.  I know I always say this but Englewood is SO lucky to have Travis all to ourselves every Sunday!  Sadly I didn't take any pictures of either event.

Aunt Jenny always brings home fun treats for Ellie from her travels.  She brought her back this chef set as a thank you for feeding the cats while she was gone.  I thought it was too cute!

Don worked until after 8 last night so I took this pic of us and sent it to him so Ellie could tell him good night.  I look like poo, she looks sweet:)

Last Thursday Ellie's MDO held a Grandparents tea!  De De was coming to get her and take her for the night anyway, so she just came a few hours early so she could attend the tea.  Ellie was so happy to see her!  We missed Maw Maw, but she had already made 2 trips to town that week to babysit so we completely understood.

Don's team won BIG this past Friday!  We didn't go...I just didn't have it in me to fight the crowds and a rowdy toddler, but we did cheer him on from home!  I had this little shirt made and thought it turned out pretty cute.

And lastly, we have a crib jumper!  I really thought we had avoided this whole situation because Ellie has done so well in her crib for such a long time.  Two Sundays ago, she was in NO mood for a nap, so she decided she would just climb right out of her bed!  When Don and I heard the big "thud" come from her room, we both went running and found her in the floor next to her basket of stuffed animals.  It about gave me a heart attack!  Needless to say, the remaining bumpers immediately came right out!  We were overdue on this anyway,  but I just love her bedding and was trying to keep them in as long as possible.  It is certainly never a dull moment with this girl!

 I guess that's about it for now.  We have a dermatologist appointment (finally) to get to the bottom of this mystery rash that keeps re-appearing on Ellie's face.  I'll be back with details from that soon!

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