Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal backyard playground

I can't start this off without at least mentioning the Royal Wedding.  I can honestly say I did not watch a single pre-show before this morning.  One, for the lack of time (and Barney or Elmo) and two, because the weathermen have been on TV more this week than ever!  However, my DVR was set and ready to go and the coverage of the beautiful affair did not disappoint!

This surprise car ride was probably my favorite fun and "young"!

This with her sister Pippa is so sweet.

Of course our own princess did not miss out on the Royal affair.  She dined on tea and crumpets this morning for a tiara of course, and loved every minute!

Back to real life...we have big plans to get some yard work done this weekend and since Don seems to have more time these days, he got started this morning!  Our next door neighbor had an obnoxious collection of kids toys in his yard and finally decided to get rid of them all.  Lucky for us, he gave Ellie a slide! It is a little faded but in perfect condition otherwise.  She loves it!  We also got her play cottage fully assembled and put back in the yard as well.  She's going to have lots of fun back there this summer.

 I am envisioning maybe a sand box or water table and I think she'll be set...I guess we'll see!

We met Elam and his parents at the park last night for a little play date.

Poor Elam, I hope Ellie likes you one day!  Sorry buddy.  We still had fun!

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