Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Easter Tour of 2011

We have had a fabulous Easter weekend!  We did lots of traveling, but really enjoyed spending some time with family.  Friday we had lunch with Aunt Jenny...and of course she brought lots of fun Easter treats (2 new outfits included).  She loves her some Ellie!

Our tour of West TN started off on Friday night at MawMaw's!  Ellie and Matti had tons of fun playing together.  We even dyed eggs!  I can't remember the last time I dyed an egg.  Ellie even came home with 2 Easter baskets and a couple of outfits.  This girl is LOVED!

Saturday, we headed to Bartlett to spend the day with Peeps, DeDe and the crew.  We started off the morning with an egg hunt at BUMC!

After the hunt we came home for lunch. Ellie once again had a blast playing with her older cousin, Gracie.  They were such good playmates!

She left there with another basket full of goodies, an outfit and some $$$ for her piggy bank:)  Once again, LOVED!

This morning the Easter Bunny visited our house and we attended the Easter service at church.  The Easter bunny brought tons of books, some bubbles, a play outfit, a cookie,  toothpaste, a swimsuit and cover up, an Elmo DVD and even a Lambuth stuffed bear.  Ellie seemed the most excited about the books.  Gotta love Target dollar bins for all of the great Sesame Street stuff!

Our service this morning was awesome!  The music was beautiful and the message was great.  There were 1,400 people at our service alone.  We even had special visitors, Aunt Jenny and her parents join us.  We were so glad they came.

I of course tried to get some pictures of Ellie in her dress before church.  It is almost impossible to get her to stand still AND smile at the same time.  These were the best I could do!

 After church we made our last stop on the Great Easter Tour of 2011 in Selmer with Aunt B, Uncle E, Mammie and the the family.  We had a yummy lunch and Ellie once again ran around like a wild girl.  I wish I had half of her energy! Oh, and Ellie left Selmer with ANOTHER outfit!

So needless to say, we had a great time.  Every time Ellie is showered with gifts or when I witness all of the love shown to her, I get a little overwhelmed.  I am so grateful for our wonderful families and friends that love our girl!  

Most importantly, I am grateful for HIM for dying for us so we can live!  He is Risen!

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