Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling fancy

How do ya'll like the new look?  I feel so fancy!  My old layout was old and boring, so I finally decided to do something about it and I am so pleased!  

Thank you for all of the sweet comments about our church home.  What a small world it is!  Englewood has definitely touched a lot of people and I know why!

We stayed on the go pretty much all weekend.  Don decided he wanted to feed his players breakfast early Saturday morning so I spent a good part of Friday night in the kitchen whipping up 4 pans of breakfast pizza and 2 pans of  the ever-so-famous and super easy sausage squares!  Thanks to Granny for the yummy pizza recipe.  I was so busy I didn't get a picture but trust was a TON of food.

Saturday we had 2 wedding showers to attend and Don stayed for the manly portion of the shower to play poker with some buddies.  Ellie and I headed home to relax and it was so nice!

We had our usual Sunday routine and the nursery experience wasn't so traumatic this week thank goodness!  I do think we will have to start eating lunch at home after church though.  Let's just say I left sweating and got my food to go...somebody was in no mood to be out at a restaurant!  This hardly ever happens, so we are hoping it was just a fluke!

In all honesty, I was over it by the time we got home.  She has just been so much fun and so happy lately that she must have been tired after playing hard in the nursery.  How could I ever get mad at this sweet face?

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