Friday, April 15, 2011

Bunnies, bad news, and blessings

I had been wanting Ellie to have her picture made with real bunnies, but we could never find a free weekend to have them made.  I stumbled across Amy Washburn's pictures of our good friends little boy, Elam and decided to contact her. She was available the next day, so Ellie and I traveled to Henderson to have a sitting with the bunnies!  I am SO pleased with how they turned out.  Ellie is so into animals these days that I figured she would have no problem with the bunnies.  I still cannot believe she actually held one, though!

If you read this blog and live in our area, then I am sure you have heard the devastating news that our beloved Lambuth University is closing its doors on June 30.  LU was not only Don's employer, but a place very near and dear to both of our hearts.  The university has been through many ups and downs over the last few years, but it was still a place we could never leave behind.  Don stuck it out through the best of times, and through the worst of times. Unfortunately, all of that is over.  For good.  Just like that.

To say we are surprised would be false.  We have been preparing ourselves for the worst for a while now.  To say we are sad and heart broken would be true.  How could a school 168 years old just close?  If we knew, I guess they wouldn't be in this situation. It is still a little surreal in that aspect.

Don and I met at Lambuth and shared some great times with dear friends on that campus.  Those friends love our daughter as their own and have been so uplifting, supportive, and encouraging throughout this entire roller coaster of a ride we have been on.  Lambuth gave us so much.  Not only an invaluable experience and education, but jobs, friends, contacts, and growth opportunities that we will be forever grateful for.  

As hard as this week has been, I cannot help but feel SO blessed.  We are so lucky!  We have everything we could ever ask for.  We have an incredibly supportive family that we could not live without.  A daughter who brings us so much JOY!  A loving church home that has prayed and cried with us this week.  Friends, co-workers and complete strangers that have constantly been asking, praying and supporting us.  My heart feels like it could explode with pride and gratitude.  What more do we need?

Yes, a job is necessary for our well being.  But knowing Don, he'll have something next week!  I am not worried about that at all.  We've been living on love for 2 years now.  That's all we need!

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