Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For Ellie's birthday, DeDe and Peeps gave her a semester of Kindermusik.  DeDe is all about giving "events" or activities as gifts, since Lord knows the child doesn't need another toy or outfit.  Don and I think it is great!

 Lucky for us, there is a lady that just moved to town that is teaching her own version of Kindermusik out of her home and calling it "Butterflies". We attended our first class tonight, and it went great!  Watching E in that environment with other kids her age solidified my thoughts on her "busy" behavior.  She was everywhere!  She would not sit still or let either one of us hold her, but she did really well.  Teacher Nancy supplied us with balls, finger puppets, a stuffed giraffe, and even sent us home with Dixie cups to make a homemade shaker with.  It doesn't hurt that Ellie's best bud/boyfriend Will is in the class too, so it's a bonus for us...friend time for Mommy and Daddy!  All of the babies had their Daddy's there and I just think that is so neat.  Even big Don and Cole were dancing and singing along with their babies.  Nothing sweeter in my book!

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