Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

Better late than never, right?

I love looking back on all of my posts but the Christmas ones are always my favorite.  I promised myself that I wasn't going to stress or get overwhelmed too much this year, and now ooking back almost a month later, I think I managed to do pretty well!

We had a wonderful Christmas as a family of four!  I loved dressing up my babies, spending time with family, taking lots of pictures with my REAL camera and making lots of fun memories!

Our first celebration was before Christmas with BB and Eric.  The kiddos were spoiled with so many fun things!  It was a great day kicking off all of the many celebrations.

Sunday was the kids baptism and Christmas play at church.  That will all be a separate post!

Monday we headed to Bartlett for Christmas with my family.
Anytime you have two 7 month olds and a 3 year old under one roof, it is bound to be a little wild:)

We had a yummy steak dinner with my parents and then exchanged gifts with them!  Don was so relieved Miller started receiving his own toys.  He was tired of seeing him play with all of Ellie's old PINK ones.  Ha!

This sassy mermaid still loves to dress up.  This costume was a hit!

Peeps and DeDe got all the babies new Pottery Barn chairs!  This made for a fun photo op!

Christmas Eve day we took Ellie to see "Frozen" (so cute!) and then came home, got dressed up, and headed to the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church.

 After church was Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle's house.  It was a ZOO!  But a very fun zoo.  I love that we have so many kids so close in age.  We need to rent out a party room next year to accommodate us all!

We always bring our Christmas jammies and change into them.  It's a fun little tradition:)  I thought they looked so sweet!
 More gifts!!

After a fun 2 days in Memphis, we headed home that night to get ready for SANTA!  He didn't go too crazy on Miller this year since he is still so little.  He figured he'd understand.

Ellie's stash was full of American Girl and princess goodies.  Every little girl's dream!  I think she was pretty happy.

Miller was pretty pumped about new pacifiers that came in his stocking!!  So glad he is easy to please!


And the gymnastics set she had asked for!

Christmas day Don's side of the family came to our house for lunch and Dirty Santa.  I was pretty busy and only managed to get a few pictures at the end of the day.

Saturday after Christmas we headed back to Bartlett for Christmas at Granny and Grandonna's!

DeDe was determined to get a picture of the whole family.  I think we got a lot of really good ones!

So proud of DeDe!  Seven months after a horrible back injury she's playing Twister.  Pretty impressive!!

Coach Pitt was the Twister champion.  So funny to watch these two play!

Princess bowling,  princess scooter, princess helmet, and princess gloves and knee/elbow pads.  We are covered in the princess department for sure!

As usual, Christmas flies by way too fast.  It always reminds me how blessed we are as a family.  I am so thankful for everyone we get to spend time with over the holidays!

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