Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ellie's 4th Birthday

We officially have a FOUR year old!  How can that be?  I got all mushy and sentimental on my last post all about Ellie, so this will be all about her big day and her party.  It was a GREAT weekend!

Remember last year after the big Wizard of Oz party when I said I wasn't doing that again next year?  Well I think I stuck to that for the most part.  Ellie just seemed so out of her element and overwhelmed with the huge crowd that we decided to keep it small with 5 of her little friends around her age and the grandparents.  I think it was the best decision we could have made FOR HER!

Since she is so into dressing up and princesses we decided to go with a girly princess theme complete with Disney princess dresses, crown making, and nail painting.

Peeps and DeDe came up the night before.  We let Ellie open her gift from us, one from them and her gifts from Granny and Grandonna!

Everything was all set up the night before!

The girls decorated crowns...

And each girl had a dress to wear!  Ellie has quite the collection:)

She was ready to party!

 The party was at 11 so we had lunch.  Ellie requested Chick-fila chicken nuggets, popcorn and chex-mix, so they of course made the menu.  We also chicken salad croissants, pimento cheese sandwiches, magic wand fruit kabobs, and cookies!

Once again blown away by her cake this year!!!!  It was SO good.

Baby brother napped throughout most of the party, but he was there!

Sweet little friends.

Favors.  Magic wands, princess cups, lip gloss, crown sucker, crown candy bracelet, earrings and stickers.

Time to eat!

The biggest surprise of the day was the appearance of a real live princess!!  Sweet Abby goes to church with us and does pageants.  She was so sweet to come and be a princess for the party.  She even brought Ellie a crown, sash and flowers!

With their crowns all decorated!

Painting nails...

For me, the best part of the whole day was when Ellie blew out her candle.  This was BIG for her!  I was so proud of her.

Miller woke up to the wild and silly girls running around playing.  Sweet baby!

BB, Eric, and Mammie gave Ellie this trampoline!  She was thrilled and jumped right after they finished putting it together.  It was a great day for our super sweet FOUR YEAR OLD!!

And just because...

1st birthday...
 2nd birthday...
 3rd birthday...
4th birthday...


  1. she looks like such a big girl!!! happy birthday ellie!!

    and where did you find that elsa dress?!? we may have to get that for e's bday in april

    1. It's from the Disney Store but we had to order it. They are hard to find!!! That is what we gave her for her bday!!