Friday, January 17, 2014

Almost FOUR

We are in pure birthday mode in our house.  Every year when January rolls around, I can't help but get an overwhelming feeling of pure thankfulness and JOY that Ellie has brought to our lives.

I cannot believe she is about to be four. FOUR!

We are facing a few decisions on where she will go, what she will do next year.  She is SO ready to learn and grow and go to school.  My this momma heart is having a very hard time dealing with the fact that she will be gone everyday, all day if we go that route.  On the other hand, I don't want to be selfish and hold her back on my emotions.  I really think she is ready and will love it.  We will see.

She has blown me away these past 8 months.  She loves Miller more than my heart could have every hoped for.  Their age difference has been wonderful!  She is very independent and the best helper to me!  They love each other so much and it is so so sweet to see them interact with one another.  Such a sigh of relief to see.

She is very into anything Princess, American Girl, cooking, dress up, coloring, "school", Doc McStuffins.  She still takes dance once a week, goes to Awana on Sundays, our church on Wednesday nights and is a Little Spirit cheerleader for a couple more weeks.  She stays busy, but not too busy.  If she needs a night at home we don't push it.  She is still just three after all!

We have decided to go small, low key this year for her party.  I hope this is the right move.  I am thinking it will be.  The poor girl didn't enjoy much of her big over the top party last year...she didn't even want to blow out her own candle!  So just a few little friends and the grandparents will be around this year.  The girls will play dress up and have their nails painted.  Very girly and VERY pink!  I am excited!

She didn't want a bow in her hair the other night and I let her go out to eat with out it.  I'm hoping this isn't the beginning of bow/clothes issues!

I am going to go cry in the corner now and stare at the baby monitor and watch Miller sleep.  It all just happens way too fast!

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