Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baptism and Christmas Play

The Sunday before Christmas was our church's kids Christmas play.  I also knew that we wanted to have both kids baptized, so we decided to do it all on the same Sunday!  It turned out to be a great decision since our families were going to come watch the play anyway.  We also ended up officially joining our church so it was a very special Sunday for us!

Our church is VERY small.  About 75 on Sunday mornings.  But we have a wonderful group of young kids that attend that are some of Ellie's very dear friends.  That is what drew us to our church the most.  We have recently re-vamped our young adult Sunday School class and we have really enjoyed getting more involved there.  I am so glad we found such a sweet church home here in Greenfield!

I will let most of the pictures do the talking, but it was a great day.  Everyone came back to our house after church for lunch.  We are so thankful for everyone that joined us in celebrating our kids special day!

Ringing the bells...

Sweet little angel girls singing

Sweet cousins!

Our family

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