Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving and such

We had a very nice Thanksgiving in Greenfield this year!  It is always fun to celebrate the "firsts" and I think Miller enjoyed his first Thanksgiving as much as a 6 month old could!  He did get a few bites of dressing, mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole so I am sure that made it even better.

We were able to see BB and Eric the weekend before and enjoyed Cracker Barrel with them and Mammie.  Ellie is always the center of attention when they are around.  She eats it up!  I sadly didn't get many pictures of either event!

Since we didn't see my side of the family, we decided to head their way on Saturday.  We went the non traditional route and headed downtown to eat at the Rendezvous.  After lunch, we visited the Peabody where we saw the Grinch Candy village, the ducks and their beautiful Christmas decorations!

Ellie LOVED the ducks!

After the Peabody, we changed their clothes and headed over the Pink Palace for the Enchanted Forest and SANTA!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Rachel, and Evie met us and we had the best time making memories with them!!!

 Our last stop was at Granny and Grandonna's where we visited and Ellie helped Grandonna decorate their tree.  It was a jam packed, fun family day!!

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