Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have so much to catch up on but I have got to get Miller's six month post up before I forget anything!!

Miller...you are SIX MONTHS OLD!

So, I am going to be honest again...it was another hard month.

But I have good news!  I finally feel like we are over the "hump" with you!  You make me look like a story teller.  No one believes me when I tell them you are up all night fussing, or that you may go a day or two refusing a bottle, or that you never nap...EVER.  Because the majority of the time you are around others you are happy!  And smiley! And SO SO SO cute I can hardly stand it!

You really are the sweetest baby ever.  I truly mean that.  You just aren't a great sleeper and I am (slowly) coming to terms with that.  You have made major progress though and I am singing your praises instead of complaining about being exhausted.  We tried 3 different formulas on you this month and put you on Zantac for reflux.  Your RSV made a little unwelcomed comeback but I am very happy to say that I think your chest and lungs are finally clear for the first time in 2 months!  We even had an appointment at Vanderbilt to see a pulmonologist but I cancelled because you seem to be so much better.  You talk and coo and babble so much and just smile and laugh.  You love your sister...and she loves you SO MUCH.  She is a huge help.  She loves to hold you, and feed you, and play with you, and hug and squeeze you constantly.

You started sitting up very well this month.  You are also a big time roller!  You will roll all over the floor, your crib, everywhere!  You started eating baby food and we are trying to get you on a good, consistent feeding schedule.  You play well with your soft blocks, ball, keys, and you LOVE your Sophie.  You have really become so big this month!  We also have a doorway jumper that you love to play in.

Official Stats:
18.8 pounds 50th percentile
27 in 50th percentile
Head: 43 3/4 95th percentile

You are the perfect size!  Right at average for height and weight and way above on your head, although it doesn't seem that huge to me.

We love you with all our hearts sweet boy!  You are the perfect addition to our family!

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