Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've said it a million times, but it's true.  We have a THREE year old and I simply cannot believe it.

Here is a little update on our BIG girl!

Ellie, you really are full of personality.  Even though you may act shy in front of crowds, you really have a spunky and VERY animated personality 90% of the time.  You can be dramatic (wonder where you get that?) and a tad emotional.  You can also be bossy and sassy, something we are working on.  I know it's mostly your age, but I always want you to be sweet, compassionate, grateful and kind to anyone you come across.  You are a work in progress!

You can also be very sensitive.  If you get in trouble or witness anyone else getting in trouble, you automatically tear up and get very clingy.  You are starting to take directions well and your listening is steadily improving.  I know picking up toys isn't fun, but you are learning to love it:)

Your eating is still less than stellar.  This is our biggest battle.  It is a daily stress for me but I just have to stay patient and hope that the day comes sooner rather than later that you decide you want to eat.  You definitely aren't starving, but your choices just aren't ideal and the amounts you eat don't seem to keep a bird full.  Still not sure where this habit came from!

You are very loving and sweet to your Daddy and me, and you cannot wait to be a BIG SISTER!  I hope this excitement doesn't fade after he is born.  It will definitely be interesting when you are no longer the star of the show.  I'm a little nervous about this, although I know you will be a big helper to me...probably more help than I will ever need!

You love books, puzzles, dress up clothes, princesses, Barbies, and baby dolls the most.  Anything pink, sparkly and GIRLY!  You got a Leap Pad for your birthday and it has been a big hit!  I am hoping this will help with learning your letters.  I can already tell it is!  You have a great memory and you love to make up songs and stories.  Your little imagination is constantly running wild.  You have a little "friend" Molly that you talk about constantly.  She apparently goes to school with you and you play with each other on a daily basis. We just go along with it:)  I LOVE your imagination!

Your weight:  36.6 lbs
Clothing size: 3T, some 4T
Shoe size: 8

1st Birthday:
2nd Birthday:

3rd Birthday:

We love you with all our hearts and can't imagine how boring life would be without you here.  I am so thankful God chose me to be your mommy!

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  1. ok. i'm cracking up. i was reading the eating part and then saw how much she weighs....this should make you feel better. Bates just turned 4 and weighs 29 pounds!!! Brodie will be 3 in March and is 26. ha!