Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BB and Eric and SNOW

The day after Christmas they were predicting a BLIZZARD!  No joke, we were under a Blizzard warning.  I was prepared to be snowed in, playing games, drinking hot chocolate, and sledding with friends.  That didn't exactly happen, but we did manage to get a little bit of the white stuff.

Ellie and Don had a big time playing.  I wasn't feeling it so much this year.  The day after Christmas was my recovery day from all of the madness so I let them have fun together and went outside just long enough to snap a few pictures.  They are two peas in a pod when it comes to playing outside!

This past Saturday, BB and Eric came to visit!  Don cooked us a yummy breakfast and we visited with them and opened gifts.  Ellie got a new outfit for Caroline and a picnic set among a  few other goodies.  It was a fun, relaxing morning.  Ellie had been up that night with fever that seemed to last 3 more days so we just let her hang out in her PJ's (and a ballet skirt).

Don went duck hunting in Arkansas so he dropped us off at DeDe's on his way where we napped and were spoiled all weekend.  It was the perfect way to end 2012!

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