Thursday, January 31, 2013


Little Brother finally has a name!

Let me just preface this by saying that naming children is not my favorite part of this whole process.  Trying to come up with names that flow with last names, sibling names and middle names is not easy.  Worrying over approval of others is also difficult, although we have finally come to terms that not everyone is going to LOVE what you name your child, and that's okay as long as WE love it.  And I will admit that the way it looks in a monogram may or may not have to come into play in the decision making process.  I kid, I kid:)

So, here it is...


A little explanation...Miller we have both liked for a while.  It is truly rare that Don and I come up with a name that we both really, really like.  It is masculine, yet different and it sounds good with big sis's name.  Ellie has also been pretty dead set on this since the day we told her she was getting a sibling.  She would have been devastated if we didn't actually use it!  

Lee was Don's dad's middle name.  We wanted to keep it in the family somehow and thought Lee went well.  Lee also happens to be Grandon's middle name, too!  

Yay for little brother's with names!  Let the monogramming begin!!

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