Sunday, January 27, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I cannot believe our baby is THREE!

Yesterday we celebrated with a Wizard of Oz party for Ellie.  Will everyone please remind me next year when I am planning a 4th birthday that I said I WAS NOT doing this again???  Maybe it's being 5 months pregnant, but I am absolutely worn out!  I hope Ellie had a good day and fun with a few of her little friends.  Party planning is a lot of work but I do enjoy it and I hope everyone else did too!

I could not have done any of this without the help of multiple people.  Don never complained and just went right along with my crazy self, as usual.  Ha.  He moved furniture, built the awesome Tin Man, set up tables and chairs, and made multiple trips to the store for last minute supplies.  DeDe made a trip earlier in the week and sewed the back drop curtains and helped decorate.  She also made all of the candy apple favors and wrapped and tied them for me.  HUGE help!  BB and Eric picked up balloons for us in Jackson and everyone that arrived early helped with set up.  So thankful!

This cake still blows me away.  It also tasted SO good!  And the icing isn't's buttercream!  SO yummy.
 Candy apples by DeDe with witch hair clippies from Polka Dot Posies for the girls.

 Ruby slipper cookies.  They were also delicious!

Emerald City Punch...

 Thank you cousin Matti for dressing as Dorothy for us.  You looked great!!

We played "pin the heart on the Tin Man"

And had a rainbow pinata full of candy.

The birthday girl was not a huge fan of all the attention...

She needed a little assistance:)

Everyone was SO nice to bring such generous gifts.  It was like Christmas all over again.  We are saving most for a rainy day!

Don and I gave her this microphone and let her open it once we saw them having a sing along with the keyboard.  Ellie and Knox put on a show for us after the party.  It was so cute!!

So sweet for Uncle Matt and Aunt Rach, Granny, Grandon and DeDe and Peeps to come all this way!!

I think it was a great day!  We are laying low today and relaxing and playing.  Every year I realize just what a blessed little girl we have.  Cannot believe she is THREE!!!

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