Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Getaway

This weekend was my company Christmas party in Knoxville.  It is always so nice--complete with a band and yummy dinner at a local country club.  Unfortunately, Don was unable to join me this year so my mom volunteered to go and we brought Ellie along for the ride as well!  She did great in the car and in the hotel room and was a real trooper on our all day shopping trip!  We have definitely already broken her in for the many girl trips she has in her future:)

This is the only picture I took all weekend...poor thing looks miserable but she just smiled and laughed all day!

Here we are at my party last year, 34 weeks pregnant!

                   A few of my lovely co-workers at this years party!

I finally started shopping this weekend and got quite a few people scratched off my list!  I just feel like there is never enough time to do anything anymore.  It is SO cold here right now that I feel bad getting poor Ellie out in this mess, so I will be venturing out alone at night time probably every night this week just to make sure I get it all done!  

We have another busy weekend ahead, so I'll give you a hint:  The Jolly Old Elf,  Garth Brooks, and the Opryland Hotel.  Can't wait!

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