Saturday, December 18, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Don is in the living room wrapping presents so I am banned to the kitchen.  I had a choice between laundry or blogging, and you see which one I chose!  Today we had a great time at our house with some of our closest buddies.  Santa came to wish a few of Ellie's friends a "Merry 1st Christmas!" this morning with a Breakfast with Santa party!

We had a "Hot Chocolate Bar" with all the toppings; juice, coffee and cokes.  For breakfast we had sausage squares, fruit, strawberry bread with cranberry butter, ham and rolls, hashbrown casserole, frosted grapes and cookies.  The babies even had their own sweet potatoes, cheerios and a spoon!
After all the guests arrived, they sat on Santa's lap for the traditional photo.  Here are a few of Ellie's sweet friends.  Can anyone take a guess at who "Santa" is?

We played in Ellie's almost finished playroom, read "The Night Before Christmas" and had a great time visiting.

As the favor, we gave the babies a picture frame for their Santa photo and a treat bucket with a letter to Santa, an ornament, and a wind up Santa toy!

ALL of the babies with Santa

This little baby was worn out!  She was the hostess with mostess!!!


  1. What a fun party! What an adorable hostess! Looks like everything was perfect!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea for a party!!! So cute! I might have to do this next year