Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

After Santa visited our house Friday morning, we ran around like crazy trying to get everything packed up and ready to go to Memphis.  We got there around 3 and helped Peeps and De De finish up a few last minute things before Kelly, Grant and Reagan arrived.  We exchanged gifts with them and they got Ellie a Little People princess carriage with blocks.  Out of all of the toys she received this Christmas, she goes for this one every single time!  It really is cute, and I love Little People.  Her nativity is one of my favorites:)

We headed to church for the Christmas Eve service and Ellie did fantastic!  We had to sneak out once for a diaper change and another time just to stretch her legs, but overall she did so well.  I was very proud!

After church, the crowd arrived!  We had about 25 people total, and 4 kids aged almost 1, almost 2, 3, and 4!  It was a wild, LOUD night, but we had tons of fun!  I always enjoy our Christmas Eve family get togethers.  

Mom's pretty table

Best attempt at a pic of all 4 kiddos

 Santa came!  Ellie LOVES Santa:)

After everyone left, we exchanged gifts with my parents and Matt and Rachel.  Ellie stayed up until 11:00!  BIG mistake.  She was up half the night starting around 1:00 am.  Believe me, we will never let that happen again!

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