Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Came!

I am going to have to break up our Christmas celebrations into separate posts since we celebrated numerous times and in different places.

Christmas Eve morning, Santa came to our house!  I swore up and down Santa was not going to go overboard...and I think overall he did pretty good.  He did sneak in a couple of last minute goodies, he just couldn't help himself!

Santa's elves learned a rookie lesson this year.  DON'T WAIT until the night of to assemble...there may be mishaps along the way!  Let's just say Daddy was up until the wee hours working on the Cozy Coupe that still isn't finished.  He did however get it assembled enough for Ellie to take a ride, though:)  Santa delivered the Cozy Coupe, a pillow pet (panda, of course!), Laugh and Learn Purse and Tea Set, books, puzzles, a ball popper, PB Kids jewelry box, an outfit, boots, Goodnight Moon sign language DVD and a few stocking treats!  I'd say Miss Ellie was a good girl this year!

Crawling in to see what Santa brought

What is all this stuff?

Going for a ride

Even though she had absolutely no idea what was going on, it was still a very special Christmas morning for us, and one I will always remember.  Dang Cozy Coupe, and all!

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