Monday, November 29, 2010

So much to be thankful for...

I have to admit, I am a little sad.  We have had the best holiday break!  Don was off for an entire week and Ellie and I both were spoiled having him home.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with both sides of our families this year!  Thursday, we headed to Greenfield to celebrate with Don's side of the family.  Ellie played hard in Knox's room for hours with the big kids and had a ball!  She even got to try some grown up mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and mac and cheese!
Don has a much larger extended family than I do so it's always fun and a lot different from what I am used to! Matt and I have been the only "kids" on my mom's side for a long time, so we have a smaller group for most Holidays.  I can't wait until Christmas Eve's going to be CRAZY!!!

  Anyway, we ate way too much of course and had a great time visiting with everybody.  Sweet Knox was so tired he fell asleep sitting in his high chair!  He is SO sweet:)

While the guys headed up to the "man cave" to watch football, the girls looked for some awesome Black Friday deals.  I didn't participate in Black Friday this year...but they sure did!  Talk about some hard core shoppers:)

Friday was Memphis for my side of the family.  My mom cooked the entire meal by herself...for the first time ever!  She even managed to replicate Granny's dressing which is HARD to do!  Granny is famous for her tasty dressing and I have to say, Mom did it right!  It was all delicious and we had another great day.  Too bad Granny has been sick for almost 3 weeks.  I am ready to figure out what the deal is so she can get to feeling better very soon!
(and yes, Ellie wore the turkey dress to every Thanksgiving dinner...why waste a good thing?)

The boys watching a little football

 Dad carving the turkey

 Mom's cute pineapple turkey centerpiece

Can we say pecan pie...complete with a beautiful leaf crust?!??!?  YUM!

I hate this is so dark, but part of the crew chowing down!

After lunch, Rachel and I got a little crafty.  We both brought a little activity to work on and had lots of fun doing it!  We made ornaments and a little something I can't show just yet...they are going out in the mail today!

Here I am...late at night...still crafting!  I was about over it by this point!

Needless to say, I am SO thankful for my sweet angel baby, my awesome husband, and our families.  Everything else is just an added bonus!

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