Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ellie says...

We've been busy!

I love playing with stickers!

What I don't like is when Mommy takes them away.  And what's so bad with wanting to play with remote, cell phone, or batteries?  They taste gooooood!  Everybody keeps saying "busy", "curious" and "mess" but I don't know what those words mean.  They sure say them a lot!

Mommy and I also had a stomach bug.  That was NO fun!  I bet she changed my diaper 24 times so I needed lots of Resinol today:(  Her favorite word seems to be SHOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE.  She also sprayed Lysol all over our house.  That made my room smell much better!

I have LOVED that my Daddy has been home so much to play with me!  He told me coaching football was hard work so we have let him take a few naps.  Mommy did make him a "honey do" list so he was busy putting up Christmas lights this afternoon while I slept.  She said they look so pretty!

 He has also been deer hunting a few times and said he wants to buy me a lifetime hunting license so I can go with him!  Mommy says sitting out in the cold dark woods sounds boring.

There is stuff all over our house!  All of this bright, shiny sparkly stuff.  Mommy made a huge mess!

She also put a pretty Christmas tree in my playroom!  I love the shiny lights and ornaments.  Sometimes I want to pull them all down!

Mommy calls me her little turkey when I wear this shirt.  She is SOOOO funny!

We are going to visit lots of my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents for Thanksgiving.  I sure hope they let me have some mashed potatoes!!

 Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!

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  1. All I can say is... WOW!! Y'all have been BUSY! :) LOVE Ellie's tree! soooo cute!!!! I bet all of your Christmas decorations look BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family! Hope y'all are feeling better.