Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lots to catch up on

I feel so behind in the blogging world!  There literally hasn't been anytime to sit down, upload pictures and think of something to write, so I am just going to start here with this weekend's events.  To say we have been busy is an understatement.  I think I put over 700 miles on my car in the last week and a half!  Don finished up his last game of the season yesterday and is getting ready to hit the ground running with recruiting.  I have been working a lot which is great, but it leaves me SO tired!  I feel like I haven't spent enough good quality time with Ellie or Don, so now that life seems to be slowing down a bit hopefully we can make up for that!  I have also been a bad picture taker lately so that is another reason for the lack of blogging:)

Anyway, this weekend was Baby Dedication Sunday at church and it was a special day for our little family.  Ellie got all dressed up in her beautiful Christening Gown from Maw Maw and we had lots of family come in to town to join us for the service.  Ellie's friend Will was dedicated as well which made it extra special!

Here we are during the service.  Ellie did pretty good, but she was hungry so we had to give in and give her the paci:)

There were a set of twin boys standing next to us.  They were SO sweet!
There were 15 babies dedicated at our service alone!  They gave us a bag full of goodies including a personalized pink baby Bible and a book for the parents.  

I am so glad we got some family shots before we left.  My parents were a HUGE help and came early to help with food.  We all came back to our house for lunch after church.

We had a yummy lunch (that I forgot to take a picture of) with this beautiful white chocolate cake from Dumplins for dessert.  I can't believe I will be ordering a 1st Birthday cake from them soon.  Makes me want to cry!

Have you ever seen a happier baby?

We took her to the nursery for the rest of the service and I changed her in to this dress.  I think it is so sweet!

 We set up an extra table so everyone would have a seat and I framed little pictures of Ellie for everyone to take home with them.  They LOVE getting new pictures, so I figured this was perfect!

Don and I got Ellie a little gift.  I collected Precious Moments Angels as a child and I thought about starting a similar tradition with Ellie, although all of my figurines are still at my parents house!  I wrapped this instead of putting it in a bag because I wanted to see how she would do with the paper.  That girl had this little box unwrapped in no time!  She will be a pro by Christmas and her birthday.

My parents also bought her this beautiful white gold cross necklace.  She's already got a pretty good jewelry collection started!  I had no idea they were doing this so it was a pretty special surprise.

We had Aunt Jana, Maw Maw and Mark, Mammie, Blythe, my parents, and us for lunch.  It was a full house but a great day.  

Ellie is one loved and adored little baby.  I am so thankful for the great support system we have with both of our families.  They all do so much for us and we are so grateful.  We missed you Granny and Grandonna and Uncle Matt and Aunt Rach!

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