Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome to Baby Land

For some strange reason, Don has been insisting that Ellie needed one of those doorway jumpy bouncy things (as if we needed ANOTHER baby entertainment device to take up more space). It seems like this past week she has been wearing me out. I am constantly searching for new forms of entertainment because quite frankly, I think she is bored! We watch Baby Einstein until I want to poke my eyeballs out, she is still very unsure of the Exersaucer, she is OVER the My Little Lamb Infant seat that she practically lived in for the first couple months, and the swing she can only take for short periods of time. The swing used to be my "go to" device for fussiness/sleepiness, but now she barely naps for maybe 30-40 minutes at a time in it.

So in desperation yesterday after he kept talking about this door bouncer thing, we made a trip to Toys R Us and got her one. I hate to admit it, but Daddy was right on this one! She LOVES it! She is still figuring out that she can bounce in it, but she loves to swing and turn herself around in it. At first it made me very nervous because I was afraid it wasn't sturdy enough to hold her just hanging from the door frame. Don reassured me that it was fine, and today she has spent quite a good amount of time it! Granted, I have to sit right in front of her and clap and cheer and talk to her, but it's progress. My main reason for looking for new forms of entertainment is so I can actually get some things done around here. She doesn't sleep nearly as much as she used to during the day, and I have to work! So it is definitely a balance we are working on. Hopefully we will both get into more of a routine come August...if I ever figure out where she will be going! I have not heard back from Forest Heights UMC or the lady in Medina...but that is a whole different story!

So, big props to Daddy on this one. Maybe I should start listening to him more:)

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  1. My nephews LOVED this thing!I guess it does kind of seem like fun =) I can't wait until Emily is big enough to use hers!