Monday, June 7, 2010

4 month doctors appointment

Today we went back to see Dr. Amy! I just love her. She is so cute and fun and loves Ellie. She cracks me up because we always end up talking about clothes more than anything. We are a couple of weeks late on her appointment because of us being out of town, but we got it taken care of today.
Miss Priss is one BIG girl! She is in the 90th-95th percentile in every category. She weighs 16 lbs. exactly (90%), 26 in. long (95%) and her head measures 43 cm (90%). Of course more dreaded shots were in order for today as well. She did the same as last time...cried a little during and after the shots but as soon as she got a bottle, a little lovin' from me, and some (off brand) infant Tylenol, she has been her sweet happy self ever since! The only thing missing is the nice long nap I was hoping she would take. Oh well! Dr. Amy also said she had no problem with us starting rice cereal, but to wait and talk baby food at 6 months. Maybe we will try it out tonight after Daddy gets home! She also has a little female issue that I won't go into too much detail about, but we have a prescription for some cream that should clear it right up. I am glad the doctor noticed or I would have never known.
The funniest part of the day came before her appointment. Aunt Jenny called and asked if she could print off a Health Form at our house to send to the U of M so she could register for a summer class. She had to be tested for the MMR vaccine and found out today, (the day classes start) that she needs the shot again! As she was telling me the story, I just told her we were on our way to the Children's Clinic and maybe they would do it! So after trying our Health Dept. and 2 other walk in clinics, Aunt Jenny joined us for Ellie's doctors appointment and they ended up getting their shots together! It was too funny to not take a picture. They even had matching bandaids! Jenny, we are so glad you could join us today. Hope your arm isn't too sore!!

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