Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three and a half

I am way behind on blogging.  Life with 2 kids is BUSY.  When there is a spare moment, I usually just want to sit down and do nothing or attempt to cook a meal, or have a conversation with my husband.  None of those happen as often as I would like, but we are getting there!  I am officially back to work now which means more computer time for me. Maybe the blog won't be so neglected.  We will see.

Anyway, I thought since Ellie turned 3 1/2 on July 26th that she needed a little update.

Our dear, sweet girl.  Wow has she grown up over the last 12 weeks.  The minute she walked into the delivery room on Miller's birthday she seemed so old to me, and it literally broke my heart.  I knew she would be the BEST big sister, but I also knew there would be a time of transition and adjustment on her part.  She was the QUEEN of everyone's universe, the first grandchild on both sides, and the light of our lives.  She still is!  There is just one other little person in our house that requires more of my attention than she would like some days:)

Overall, I have to say she has adjusted well.  But we definitely have our moments!  "Mommy, put Miller down and come play with me."  Is the one I hear most often.  She is not starved for attention by any means, but she does not want us to forget that she is still there too.  I would have to say that our biggest challenge with her right now is her listening and following directions.  Yes, I know she is THREE.  But she hears us and understands what we are saying.  Sometimes she just chooses not to listen.  She is way too young for "selecting hearing" already!

She absolutely LOVES Miller.  Almost too much sometimes!  It is very sweet but we have to remind her to leave him alone and tone her voice down about 100 times a day.  I know it isn't always fair for her to have to be quiet just because there is a baby sleeping, but I swear her volume level increased times 100 after he came home from the hospital.

Her sleeping is much better than it was early on.  There have been many nights when Miller has slept better than she has but thankfully that has improved greatly.  She still loves to craft, sing, and go to dance.  She attended every VBS in town and loved every minute.  She loves clothes and picking out her outfits.  Many days she stays in dress up clothes all day long.  She is still a picky, picky eater but some days she will try something new.

Fav foods:
Chicken nuggets
plain buttered noodles
peanut butter
cheese tortillas
chips and cheese dip
granola bars
orange juice
string cheese
corn on the cob
pancakes (new!)

She would love to start school ASAP, and we are hoping to get her into Pre-K next year.  I know all parents think their kids are smart, but I really think Ellie will thrive once she gets into a structured learning environment.  She knows all of her colors, shapes, and can recognize almost every letter in the alphabet.  She can count to 30 and write her name.  She loves puzzles, writing and drawing and her babies.  There isn't a toy in her room that doesn't get played with.  She has an imagination that you wouldn't believe.  Her imaginary friend "Molly" is around daily and she comes up with some of the craziest stories about her.  I love seeing her come up with new games or things to play with.  She really blows me away sometimes!

So yes, we have had some difficult days with her this summer but that was to be expected.  She is still our sweet, fun loving little girl that has turned into such an awesome BIG sister.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

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  1. She's such a big girl! They grow up too fast. I remember after having Naomi it was pretty tough for the first 6 ish months but after that it got easier. It gets easier everyday, in certain aspects that is. :)
    Nyla has a listening "problem" too. I just got done reading John Rosemond's, The Well-Behaved Child and it's helped tremendously! We are doing his "tickets" game and in just a few days I've noticed a different in Nyla. If you have a moment (I know they are few and far between right now) it's a great read. It's quick and easy and can be read in spurts. Always an important aspect of a book at this stage in life.
    Your babes are beautiful!