Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

I am linking up for my first Five on Friday Post!

1.  TGIF!  This has been my first week back at working from home and so far, so good.  Miller had his first day at Mrs. Carla's today, so we are hoping and praying he does well!  Big Sis was very excited to have him tag along.  I am sure she will be a big help.

2.  Poor baby Miller has had his first double ear infection this week.  I knew something was up when he quit sleeping through the night and was fussy eating.  We spent my last day of maternity leave at Dr. Amy's office.  We are hoping he is better very soon!

3.  Football season has begun!  Tonight kicks off with our jamboree.  You better believe we will be there ready to cheer them on to victory.  Tuesday night was a meet the players/ice cream social.  These 2 were decked out in their orange, no doubt!

4.  Peeps and DeDe left Wednesday for an 18 day trip/cruise all over Europe!  We hope they have a fantastic time.  DeDe bought 200 international text messages for her phone so we are hoping to hear from them SOON!

5.  Dance has started back and Ellie is loving it just as we expected.  I ordered her 2 new leotards because she had outgrown hers from last year.  I am loving the simple solid black!

That's all I've got...Happy Weekend!!

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