Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two Months Old

Sweet baby Miller, you are TWO months old!  How can that be!?!?!

You have really started waking up this month.  You show us your big pretty eyes for longer periods of time during the day but really only take one good nap a day.  You are more of a cat napper, but I am hoping that will change.  You are now eating 5 ounces of sensitive formula mixed with rice cereal.  That has really helped with some bad gas issues you were dealing with.  We went last week for your check up and of course you were perfect!  Those dreaded shots were NO fun, but you tolerated them okay and were just a little fussy the day after.

Your sleeping is getting better, but we still aren't there yet!  You go down very easily around 9 each night and are only eating once each night between 1 and 2 am then sleeping until around 6.  You sometimes nap after that feeding, but other times you just lay around, and kick and talk.  Each day is different with you!

 You were so happy and content while we were waiting to see Dr. Amy

Your smiles melt my heart!  You talk and coo and grin quite a bit.  I love it so much!

You are wearing 3 month and some 3-6 month clothes and still a size 1 diaper.

Two month stats:  
Weight:  13 pounds (75 percentile)
Height:  22 3/4" (>25 percentile)
Head:  40 3/4 cm (> 90 percentile)

You are our big, sweet boy and we couldn't love you more!!

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