Thursday, July 18, 2013

Your Daily Dose of Cuteness

DeDe and I kind of have a texting addiction with one another.  I seem to not be able to stay away from picture texting her all day long.  It helps the distance seem not so far!

So anyway, I try to send her a daily picture (or 2 or 3) and jokingly call it "her daily dose of cuteness."  Here are a few more I just had to share!

I've been braiding the top of E's hair when she's having a wild hair day.  I think it looks so cute on her!

This sweet boy is just too cute when he smiles.  We all act like crazy people anytime we get a grin out of him!

 I hesitated on ordering this bubble because I thought Ellie would look too big in it.  Good thing I thought otherwise because I LOVE it!

Another sweet smile from our happy baby.

I wish I could find more matching outfits for them.  This is one of the few they have that they wore last week to church.  If we are friends on Facebook then you saw the lovely gem of a picture where Miller is screaming and Ellie is flipping out.  Priceless!

My big girl ready to go on our walk.  She of course had to dress the part!  She also recently got new tennis shoes.  Don insisted she needed "real" tennis shoes so we broke down and found some that we all agreed on.  Of course Ellie would have loved the sparkly hot pink and green Skechers but mean old momma wouldn't go for those!

 Miller and Evie matching in their souvenirs from our Austin wedding weekend.  Sweet babies!
 The ice cream man paid us a visit the other night after Don drove all over the neighborhood chasing him down.  Ellie thought it was the neatest thing ever.
 Football is starting up which means there will be many nights that I am on my own at bedtime.  This past Monday was one of those nights.  I would just like to say I had both of them fed, bathed and OUT by 9 pm.  I was pretty proud of myself!!
 Not quite sure what possessed E to write all over herself, but she did!  Needless to say ink pens are now off limits when she wants to craft/write/draw.

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