Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Memphis

Well, we've survived another busy Christmas season!  As exhausting and chaotic as it can be, I try to remember that these moments are special and our kid(s) are only young for a short time.  I really think this Christmas was the most fun yet!  Ellie really "got it" this year and to see her sweet face light up over and over just made it even more special.

We arrived in Memphis Sunday around noon and went straight over to Granny and Grandon's.  We had lots of yummy food and even played a few Trivia games and Twister.  It was so much fun!  All Ellie asked Santa for this year was "Baby Caroline and an Easel."  She was SO excited when she saw that easel at Granny's.  I think her reaction was the highlight of everyone's holiday.  It was priceless!

Look at that face. Pure Christmas Joy!

 After Granny's, we went back to DeDe's for more fun and more gifts.  Watching Ellie was the highlight for everyone yet again!

The next morning, she got her big surprise from Peeps and DeDe.  A handmade dress up closet and princess dress!  Peeps made the whole thing himself.  What a special gift!

 Christmas Eve day was spent getting ready for the big Young Family party that night.  We did all mange to get ready and be at church by 4:30.  Ellie wore her pretty purple nativity dress from MawMaw and my purple velvet coat that I wore when I was little.  I thought she looked so sweet.

After church, the crowd began to arrive!  It was loud, it was chaotic, but it was also lots of fun!  The kids exchanged gifts and the adults played dirty Santa.  We ate more delicious food and Ellie ran wild with her cousins.  Just what Christmas is supposed to be like!

Cannot believe there will be THREE more babies next year!

Making reindeer food

We didn't leave Memphis until late, which put us back in Greenfield at midnight.  Santa still had to work to do, but he got it done!  I'll try to recap Christmas day soon!

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